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Once a construction company purchases the Cheops system, it is then imperative that the software is setup correctly and specifically to suit the business requirements. Changing over from an existing system to a new Cheops installation can be a painful experience if not carried out correctly.

We are expert in this implementation process:
- We firstly consult with the client to ascertain their needs, preferences, resources and constraints.
- We develop a project plan in consultation with the client, which sets out all of the tasks, the people responsible, and the timeline for their completion.
- Most importantly, we advise the client on the most appropriate Cheops parameter settings, so that the software behaves according to their specific needs to suit their business procedures and processes.
- We continually monitor the implementation program and regularly report on progress.


We offer structured courses in all Cheops modules, all with course workbooks and notes. If required, we prepare tailored courses to suit the processes of the specific client organisation, with customised workbooks and notes.
We provide one-on-one training and assistance.


We offer a range of consulting services:
- System Reviews: We check that your Cheops system is being utilised to best advantage. There may also be new features in Cheops which may be useful to your business, and of which you may not be aware.
- Efficiency audits: Are there better and/or more efficient ways of doing things? Improve your company processes and procedures. We show you how to use more of your system with less reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets.
- Procedures: We can prepare procedures specific to your organisation.

Our Mission

  • To provide a best-practice Cheops implementation service.
  • To provide training for new Cheops users, specifically tailored to the employer’s company procedures.
  • To provide a Resource Library of papers and task instructions to assist any Cheops user to better understand the use of their system. 
  • To provide consulting advice to assist companies to gain the best use of their Cheops system and achieve the maximum efficiency.

iCanstruct also works with CSSP (the developers of Cheops) to provide an holistic service to its clients.


What people say?

iCanstruct's consultant's have been fabulous. They travel around Australia to visit our offices when we need them. Their industry knowledge and experience is outstanding.
Project Manager
iCanstruct's service has been so valuable to our business. Graeme's knowledge of Cheops is second to none and his ability to train staff and deliver content in an easy to understand fashion is outstanding.